Selected Publications

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Please note: many of the documents on this page are .pdf files. If you have difficulty reading them, you may wish to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can find it HERE.

An Introduction to R. Ross Holloway, Ustica I, Traduzione in italiano, 2023: pp 5-22 (English), 23-40 (Italian).

Frozen in Time, an early carte de visite album from New Bedford, Massachusetts, Second Edition, 2021.

Agatha! Agatha Snow Abroad: A Sketch Book from her 1912 European Tour, 2020.

“A New Bedford Neighborhood Viewed Through the Lens of an 1860’s Album of Cartes de Visite Photographs,” New Bedford Whaling Museum; October 20, 2016. Sponsored by The Samuel D. Rusitzky Lecture Fund.

“Starting with a Bracelet and a Family Tree: How Family Artifacts Inspired and Informed My Genealogical Search,” American Ancestors, Summer 2013: 44-46.

“Personal Archiving and Genealogists,” American Ancestors, Fall 2012: 28-30.

Jacob Schieffelin (1757-1835)
German Historical Institute, Immigrant Entrepreneurship Project, 2012.

Adolph Ochs
German Historical Institute, Immigrant Entrepreneurship Project, 2011.

Infinite Attention to Detail, A Slice of Sicily in the 3rd and 2nd Millennia BCE,” KOINE: Mediterranean Studies in Honor of R. Ross Holloway, Oxbow, 2009.

“All Knowledge, Past and Present,” JEP, Summer 2006.;rgn=main

“Bronze Age Pottery and 21st Century Scholarly Communication: A Web-Based Archive of Bronze Age Pottery,” Studi di Protostoria in onore di Renato Peroni, Florence, 2006: 712-717.

“The non-fraud of the Middle Bronze Age stone goddess from Ustica: a reverse Piltdown hoax,” with R. Ross Holloway, Antiquity, 76 (2002): 974-9. 

“E-mail and Potential Loss to Future Archives and Scholarship or The Dog that Didn’t Bark,” FirstMonday, 4, 9 (1999).

INTERPRETATIO RERUM: Archaeological Essays on Objects and Meaning by Students of R. Ross Holloway, Lukesh is editor, Center for Old World Archaeology and Art, Brown University, 1999.

Early Bronze Age Sicilian Geometric Decoration: Its Origin and Relationship to Vessel Form,” in INTERPRETATIO RERUM, 1999: 1-14.

“At Play in the Field of Archaeology,” Play from Birth to Twelve: Contexts, Perspectives and Meanings, Garland Publishing, New York, 1998: 451-4.

“Expanding the Archaeologist’s Toolkit: Scientific Visualization of Archaeological Data,” Imaging the Past: Electronic Imaging and Computer Graphics in Museums and Archaeology, a Conference at the British Museum, London 3rd-5th November, 1994, British Museum Occasional Paper No. 114, London, 1996: 245-57.

“The La Muculufa Master and Company: The Identification of a Workshop of Early Bronze Age Castelluccian Painters,” Revue des Archéologues et Historiens d’Art de Louvain, 25 (1993): 9-24.

“Protoapennine vs. Subapennine: Mathematical Distinction Between Two Ceramic Phases,” with Sally Howe. Journal of Field Archaeology,  5(3), 1978: 339-347.